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Long live SonicShits 2.

Piggybank12 responds:

it will live on for eternity, no matter how much we try to stop it.

Holy shit, this is accurate.

I like the voice-acting and the art style, however the main problem I'm finding here is simply how slow the framerate is. I'd suggest having a faster framerate for future episodes, however everything else is great in this!

Still wished we took the time to re-do the lines with Time8th for a better Robotnik, but it's just a pilot. We'll do way better on the future ones, haha. Good stuff all around

Not TOO bad...

The premise behind the animation was nice, but I feel as if everything could have been animated better. You seemed to rely too heavily on tweening instead of possibly throwing in some frame-by-frame animation in there. I see plenty of potential, however, so be sure to keep up the good work.

PatoLarax responds:

Thank you, your opinion is very important for me...

The animation is nice...

Yet I really feel as if the voice-acting was lacking. It just sounds as if little to no effort was placed during the line recording, or trying to hit the characters voices. That's just my take on it. Good job with the animation, though.

What the fuck?

Goddamn, talk about shitty reviews you've been getting.

Anyway, I loved the style that you used. Everything is nicely animated, and cleanly voice-acted. Was that you doing the voices?
The joke was just a tad predictable, but I laughed either way. It's all about the presentation, which I think you did a fine job at. Keep up the good work, I'd love to see more of Bort in an animated sense.

Not bad

The animation quality has really risen since the previous two titles that you guys have worked on. However, there are bits that I think could use a bit of improving on. for starters, I didn't really like how the menu looked this time around compared to the other two. Perhaps it was simply how the two girls were designed, but that's just personal taste.
I found a handful of the shorts to be lacking in the jokes department, for instance the Sonic and Bomberman ones. I'm sorry, but I really couldn't get a smile out of those. I think the best ones for both animation and humor were the Starfox segments, and the racing segment with Conker.
All in all, the visual quality was much better than everyone's previous works, but just work on the jokes a bit more, polish them up, and you'll have a real winner. Keep up the great work.


Took us long enough to get off of our asses and finish it. Great job, everyone, keep up the great work outside of the collab.


Never before have I seen such splendor in a spoof. You, sirs and myself, have motivated me to strive for the same.

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