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A re-introduction of sorts

Posted by CelestOrion - July 7th, 2021

Been a long time since I've considered myself an 'active user' of this account, but given recent events with how successful Newgrounds has been lately, and how much sites like YouTube are driving me up the wall with their policies, I thought it appropriate to return to roots.

For all the new followers I've been gaining over the while, I'm CelestOrion, but you can just call me Celest here or anywhere else you find me! I've been on Newgrounds as a user since 2006, but made this account in 2009 before username changes were a thing. I used to be really active here, trying to help write guides for things such as identifying/flagging abusive reviews, and toying around with music.

Thanks to Newgrounds, I was able to join up and later become an admin of Sonic Paradox, a team of content creators who make the Sonic Shorts series here on Newgrounds many years ago. I dabbled a little bit with animation, enough to understand the basics of animation, but definitely didn't keep the motivation to continue pursuing it, haha.

I've hopped back and forth between trying to content create, and just doing absolutely nothing, but over the past few years, I've been extremely focused on collaborating and producing a longer-term webcomic series with different artists, writers, musicians, voice-actors, and more within the Sonic fandom to tell an ongoing story built off of the games, which we'll be uploading here on Newgrounds very soon! Given that YouTube has started branding anything colorful as 'made for kids', I decided it was time to return to roots and host the project here, as well! Not sure why I didn't think of it before, as Newgrounds is way more content-creator friendly than YouTube.

My talents mostly sit at leadership, quality analyzing, and writing/worldbuilding. I feel most comfortable in a producer role, able to help oversee a project and provide input regarding different aspects, and helping different branches of a project communicate and work together towards completion, as I'm doing with my current comic project. I am also generally available for input if people had questions regarding their own projects, such as critique or input on direction. I like to think that I can get along with almost anyone, so should you want input, all you have to do is ask, and I'll see if I can make time to reach back!

I don't know how often I'll write these blog-posts on Newgrounds, I don't really consider myself much of a shill when it comes to promoting my content, I usually just make a single post or two, upload, and then just observe or reply, but you can catch me on any other active social media platforms in my NG bio! I practically live on Twitter, so you can catch me there the easiest.

Nice to re-meet all of you, and hope that I have a good time being active again in the Portal!



Nice to see Newgrounds is attracting senior talent back in! Management leads nonetheless.
Would you mind sharing what kind of project methodologies you find fit for collaborative art development? I've always been interested in that, since art is a bit harder to measure for individual task completion.

Well, with how things are ran on my comic project, while I'm the project head, I have editors based on individual roles such as pencilers, inkers, colorists, who work together regarding critique and approval process, as well as other peer review on the actual development stage. If we don't have any thumbnails already drawn out for the pages, the writers work alongside the pencilers to help bring the pages to life, such as angles and dynamics they originally envisioned. Ultimately, communication is always going to be your number 1 priority for any sort of collaboration, whether it be for art or writing. I try to interact with the different team members at least once a month to ensure everyone's okay and seeing what progress they made, as it's a volunteer project that is unpaid, so I can't expect them to put all of their time and effort into their piece.

@CelestOrion Neat. Is there any sort of timeboxing? Task complexity? I know it's hard to place deadlines with volunteer work, but my experience with parkinson's law always gets me itchy with "when it's done" stuff; even in personal projects lol.

That's something that, as a team, we wanted to try and bring up in our next meeting, for the past while we haven't operated with deadlines and sometimes production was slow, it'd been about a year since a mainline issue was released (although the backlog of progress is pretty high compared to the next issue). We want to try and get reasonable deadline dates, we just haven't actually elaborated and set them yet.