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For those who are only now discovering this game through Newgrounds, I cannot begin to tell you how many hours I've sank into this game, across Steam, PlayStation, and XBox. This is a game that will absolutely subvert expectations with story, and keep you invested in every arc. The gameplay is extremely smooth and responsive for both keyboard and controller usage, and there is so much to do throughout the game, between side-quests, item grinding to make unique weapons/armor, and more. If you have the available funds, definitely do not skip out on this title on whatever method of playing is available to you!

Alrighty, I decided to save this review until I had beaten the game.

My first thoughts upon the title screen: I realized after a few listens that it was, if I'm not mistaken, a piano rendition of the song that played in the village in EBF3. I'll be perfectly honest, I'm in love with the piece. It was a great throwback to the previous title.

Upon starting the game, I was quite surprised that Anna was the main character. I was so used to having Matt and Natalie, shortly followed by Lance, but with how the story played out, it was actually rather fitting. I felt as if there was a good balance between the personalities of the characters.

While playing, I also realized that the battle system, in terms of menu layout, was actually refined a bit, and an option was added where it remembered the last skills that you used, which was great, because it saved me the time to dig through the skill lists each time. Definitely came in handy when using 'macros'.

I really did enjoy the music to this game. Hal did a great job this time around, which isn't saying much, since the music in the previous was also well-made.

The game had a great amount of length to it. Took me roughly 21 gameplay hours to beat, in which I'm thoroughly impressed, as I had yet to come across a Flash game with that much detail put into it. The only part that was a bit of a let-down for me was the ending, but in which you already joked around with based on the dialog at the end, so can't complain too much on that note.

I'm surprised in which direction the series will head after this, because from my take, I'm not sure what else can be done with it after Akron was defeated, and the 'Godcats' departed to another world. Anyway, I wasn't disappointed with this one, and I had the same feeling before, so if you do make other titles, I'm sure they'll turn out great.

Not sure if there will be a Steam version of this game, saw some posts here and there across the webs about one, but if there is, will definitely purchase the title. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see what comes next!

Never laughed so hard before

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Just...wow. Props to you.

Sorry to say, but...

All this really is, sadly to say, is Asteroids, as seen on the Atari. Mind me, it's programmed nicely, plays the same way, and it's smooth, but for the sake of arguement, wouldn't it be more rewarding to make a game more...original? Perhaps not so Atari-ish looking, and more radical, in terms of visual graphics? If you added some more features to break apart from the Asteroids-esque feel to it, and possibly enhance the graphics, I'd vote much higher on it.


I'll be honest

I was NOT expecting it to turn into a slayer-ish game, burning down everyone's houses and whatnot. Also, that final message that came up on the screen was priceless! I expect to see more humor like this from you in the future!



This is really a biased quiz. There should be no right or wrong answers, and it should judge your mood based on how you answer them, not saying "TRY AGAIN". Also, the design on the buttons was horrible, it took me a while just to figure out how to get them to work. Keep working with the knowledge that you have, and submit another Flash once you hone in some skills.


It's too small

You've got the game made, and it is quite smooth, I shall give it that, but it was too strenuous on my eyes to play this game at the zoom it was in. Try fixing that problem, and re-upload the flash, and I will rate it higher if improved.

~Celest Orion


You've created possibly one of the best Flash games on Newgrounds. You've created a great storyline that is easy to get involved with, but hard to leave. The music selection was great, and the art style you used was also fantastic. I'm also impressed by the cinematics that you have incorporated into the game. If there ever is a sequel, I would be one to play it. Keep up the great work.

~Celest Orion

Not even yours

I will admit, it's a retro game, and a good one, but seriously, I just searched this game and played the real version of it, and this is only a port. It's the EXACT same. Can you create something original? I'd rate it a lot higher if it were not something that previously existed =/

EasyRetro responds:

We credited the original arcade game creators in the description, this is a remake, what's the problem ?

A well-made game.

I miss the old shooter games that played either horizontally or vertically. You've brought back some nostalgia to me. I want to see more of this work in the future!

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