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Great work, as always, PaulyB! I think the choice of instrument on the horns at the beginning paid off after those discussions we had!

Can't wait to hear what you cook up next!

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

Most definitely! It's always good to have a little guidance every now and then, a couple second opinions and what not. It's been an honor. And absolutely, there's PLENTY more where this came from! Thank you so much brother!

needs something

I can definitely hear La Luck Spirito in this hardcore, but I also can hear originality in it, as well. It's a great piece, definitely keep up the great work!

Sounds great! Reminds me of the event music in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2. Is it possible to request a looped version of this tune?

I absolutely loved your original version of 'The Last Ship', along with many of your other tunes. I'm actually quite glad to hear you do a slightly different version of the song, and I think the touch up with the choirs was a great addition to the piece. Can't wait to see what you crank out next!

BrokenDeck responds:

lol Actually this was the older version. I reduced the choirs in the final version for some reason.

Very relaxing.

I really like what you've done with the main melody of Pallet Town. The flute samples were great, and I like the vibrato used on them. Everything seemed to fit rather well together. Keep up the great work.

CheckeredZebra responds:

Haha, I appreciate that. Finding correct instruments was hard and I went with going with a few...lesser heard ones. xD

Thank you for listening, glad you enjoyed it :D

Nice beat

I found this tune on the Newgrounds radio, and wanted to have it favorited on my main so I can go back to it easily. I like the rhythm and the instruments used in this one. What did you use for the orchestral hit sounds in the beginning? I've been looking for something like that for ages.

Not bad at all!

I'd much rather have this tune in the Top 30 than mine, for sure.

This tune, actually, reminds me heavily of the style of music used in the Phantasy Star series, which is one of my favorite types. It's nice to hear an actual remix after a while of listening to revamps and MIDI rips, haha. Good work on the tune!

Solkrieg responds:

Thanks. It's not that I didn't enjoy yours, I guess I just get kind of mad when I hear an overly simplistic song make top 30 X_X.

Not too bad

I can't say that I'm a huge fan of rap, but I can still sling some criticism your way.

I love the piano part that runs throughout the song, it's quite different from most other rap songs, and probably one reason why I like it more than I thought. The song has a steady beat behind it, with a great strings section to compliment it.

The only thing that bothers me is that the vocals mainly stay in the same note range. I would've changed the pitch of your voice just a bit to add some variation, just to change things up a bit, but it's still not too bad overall.

Keep up the good work.

I have to agree with the below users

The voice isn't deep enough to be like Eggman from the actual games, but the voice does precisely fit for a younger version of Eggman. You have the voice inflections correct, so I suggest simply working on lowering your voice, and you will probably have better results. Keep up the great work!

DrMackFoxx responds:

Ah, ha. I agree. I do need to work on lowering the tone considerably. Thank you very much for the critique. It's greatly appreciated. :)

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